Stuart Ceramics Designed and handmade in Scotland

The work is all made in Glasgow and is the brainchild of Stuart Grant. The wall hanging ones are mostly made of stoneware, with porcelain used for the ones that require an added bit of whiteness. Porcelain is used for all of the brooches and magnets for a brighter overall finish. The originals are hand modelled in clay or wax before a plaster cast is taken and the work can go into production. Once the cast is ready the clay is press moulded into it, the piece is then smoothed and dried before being fired to 1000°C. After this a base glaze is applied and the decorating coloured glazes are hand brushed on top of the base. The final firing is to 1300°C, which is white-hot. Having been fired so high, the clay and glaze have fused together to give the work great strength. The pieces are also impervious to frost and hence are suitable for outdoor use. There would be a fundamental error in making things in Scotland that could not take a meteorological battering.

Wall pieces


The ceramic animals are made to add a bit of cheer to any home. They can add cheer any room in the house. Cockerels and hens will grace any kitchen, 3 ducks could be a retro classic above a mantelpiece. A homage to this could be a set of 3 Scotty dogs bounding up the stairs. Designed to be hung indoors or outside, the high firing process makes them able to withstand even the harshest conditions. Each of the items has an angled hole at the back and can be hung using a narrow headed nail at a 45° angle. The geckos have several holes so that they can be hung a variety of different ways.

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    Puffin Brooch

    Stuart Ceramics brooches are all made of porcelain, the brightness of the colours is maximised by the whiteness of the clay. The brooches tend towards the fun and comic rather than being overly serious. The range is constantly having new designs added to the some of the favourites. Due to the hand decoration process there may be a slight variation from the ones pictured.

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      Humming bird magnet

      These share a common ancestry with their brooch brethren, and are a bit different to what can be found on most fridges and boards. With such a wide variety of birds and animals to choose from surely no fridge door could not be improved by the addition of one of these little chaps. The magnets are all hand-made and individually decorated meaning that each one will be slightly different to the next.

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